My name is Kelsee Sandall and I got my dress online from a website called zaful.com. When I originally ordered the dress it had long sleeves and they were a little to small on my arms which didn’t allow me to lift them. So I took the dress to a member I knew that enjoyed sewing and she fixed it for me! I’ve noticed that it’s easy to be modest as long as you try to be modest. You can always find cute modest clothing anywhere as long as you try to find them! 🙂



My names Maci Brown. I got my winter formal dress from a family friend! We can be modest but still have your own style by buying clothes we like that fit the standards of the church.
My name is Rachel Daines and I rented that dress from my older brothers good friend who was using the money she made off of her school dance dresses to pay for her mission that she is currently on. The words modest and fashion don’t contradict each other; they compliment each other.
My name is Lyric Thruston. I actually found it at an antique store on main and I had it altered. I’m a huge fan on dressing modestly. Because honestly, the more amount of clothing on something, the nicer it looks. Very very important to never make exceptions because pretty soon you’ll be wearing a tank and mini skirt without even second guessing it. Plus I like to spend money on clothes that I can wear when I get older (my mission, college, as a mom, etc.).
My name is Bella Baranski and I got my dress online from Dressystar (They are a bridesmaid dress manufacturer over seas). The dress originally came without sleeves and a sheer top, but I had it altered to add sleeves and make the top no longer see-through. I feel that if I couldn’t wear it after I am married in the temple, then I shouldn’t be wearing it. I believe that when you choose to dress modestly, you can still be stunning without giving up self respect, class, and sophistication.
My name is Rebekah Baird and I got my dress from ASOS! I looked long and hard for the perfect dress and was so happy when I found this one. It is completely modest and still super cute! If you stick to your standards, you will always find a good dress. It might take some effort, but it is worth it!
My name is Shea Harries. I ordered this dress online from romwe.com and it was a lucky find that showed up as I was looking through Pinterest, at a very affordable price too! I think to be fashionable and modest at the same time, you have to put modesty first! Don’t take a second to even consider buying something immodest, and look for clothes that match your personal style and make you feel like the beautiful girl you are inside and out.


For more inspiration on modest winter formal dresses check out our pinterest board on modest prom dresses here and modest skirts and dresses here.

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