“I got my dress from It actually just has spaghetti straps around the neck, but I wore it with a shade shirt from DownEast Basics to make it modest! Modesty is important to me because it helps me stay comfortable. I don’t have to worry about pulling up my shirt constantly, etc. Most importantly though, it helps me remember who I am as a daughter of God and that helps me in lots of ways!” – Sarah



“Modesty is important because you stand out. This kind of standing out is different from the worlds version of standing out. This is being classy and radiant.  Not through the means of exposing your body, but by the use of covering up your body.” – McKinzi


Dress: J. Crew

“Modesty is really important to me because it invites the Spirit to be in my life at all times and is my way of showing gratitude to my Heavenly Father for my body. It’s nice to never have to worry if my dress is drooping too low or rising too high.” – McKenna


Dress: Dillards

“The best way to express gratitude for the precious, sacred gifts of our bodies and our agency, given to us by Heavenly Father, is to be modest.” – Sara


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