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Mindy Gledhill came to Time to Blossom Young Women’s Conference a couple of years ago and everyone loved her. She spoke about being creative and then performed songs from her album “Anchor.” She told a story about how she and her husband were so poor when they were first married that they didn’t even have a door on their bathroom, and that inspired her song, “All the Pennies.” If you haven’t heard this cute song, you’re in luck! Below is a video of her singing it at Time to Blossom.

There is also a video of Mindy shopping at a vintage store and she shares her tips on what to look for. The cool part about the video is that you can see her holding the same blue dress she wore at Time to Blossom.

So if you want something fun to do this weekend, listen to Mindy’s albums and go shopping for something cool and vintage!

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