I know how important it is to set goals, I have the most difficult time actually making them concrete or a written reality and more importantly actually accomplishing them. We all have plans, dreams, and wishes. So we kind of know what we want to do, but how do we do it? Here’s an example of a goal I set for myself and how I started on the road to achieving it.

After my fourth little baby was born I decided I wanted to start running again. I am no track star, by any stretch of the imagination, but I ran cross-country in high school and have run on and off since then. I was excited to start training for half marathons in the early spring and ended up running several half marathons through the summer. But for one reason or another, I quit running for two months in the fall.  Now it was winter, which in my mind was the absolute worst time to run outside. I was bummed that I hadn’t been committed enough to maintaining the habit and had let less important things bump one of my priorities—myself—to the bottom of the list. Come on…who just loves to leave their warm cozy bed to run out into Utah’s freeeezing cold morning weather to run 6 miles!? I knew I needed a goal, a plan I could stick to, and then I need to get to work.  I decided to run 25 miles a week, totaling 100 miles in November. This is more than I have EVER run.

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 Although I’m currently only at about 50 miles, I’ve learned so much already! I listen to uplifting talks and music every morning, watch the sunrise, mentally plan out my day, and come home refreshed and ready to tackle anything that comes my way! I’ve realized that so much of the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing a goal is found in the journey not necessarily when you’ve arrived at your destination. You literally leave a beautiful, meaningful trail behind you as you continue accomplishing one small thing after another.

As you set goals for yourself be specific, write out a plan, and stick to it. You will find that your challenging goals will bring direction, focus, positive energy, and creativity in your life. Here’s a quote you might enjoy as you begin changing dreams into reality!


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