ca2446_d0c1444126244485baacb843b6112848.jpg_srz_p_318_292_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzWell the day has finally arrived!  I have been dying to introduce you to an amazing artist that I met at a backyard show in Mesa, Az.  I was enjoying the show, but nothing was really standing out to me UNTIL, this girl with gorgeous long hair started playing the piano and singing.  My jaw dropped.  Her piano skills were incredible, and the sweet, pure, jazzy voice matched perfectly.  I made a bee-line for her after the show and immediately asked if I could interview her for Time to Blossom.  She accepted and even gave me a FREE cd!  Talk about nice!  I have listened to that cd over and over and made many family and friends take a listen.  Everyone has been very impressed with her level of songwriting and loved the cinematic feel of the music.

Go to her website take a listen and decide for yourself!

O.k. fast forward many months to when she finally had a moment to breath, and we had a long chat about her and her music. She walked in looking very Bo-ho chic and her down-to-earth personality made for a very relaxing interview.  I had many questions for her, and she graciously answered all of them.

When did you first begin writing music?

“I played music by ear my whole entire life, but the first song I wrote with words was about faith.  The year I went into 8th grade, I started working on my Faith project for Personal Progress.  I thought my 10 hour project could be a song, so I wrote a song on faith.  I got out my scriptures and prayed before I started writing.  It ended up being a simple testimony in a song.  I have a testimony of personal progress, because that’s when I started writing music and felt like I was capable of actually composing music.  You can definitely find your talents and new opportunities through personal progress.”

ck3How does your spirituality influence your career?

“I like to involve Heavenly Father in my music.  It’s something I have to pray everyday about.  I ask for guidance, the right connections, or help finding listeners that will appreciate my music.  I pray about my to do list for music, I pray before a concert, I even prayed before I came in to talk to you!  Any simple thing, I pray about it.”

How do you maintain confidence in such a competitive industry?

“When you work hard, and you know you’re working hard, Heavenly Father is definitely going to bless you.  If you’re doing the right things for the right reasons, it’s going to pay off.  With this career, you don’t know if you’re going to be successful, but you have to keep going and work on it every day.  We can’t hide our talents, and I feel happier when I’m doing music, it’s  who I am.”

Tell us about some of your recent opportunities.

“I was recently contacted by a group called RAW.  They basically just give artists an opportunity to share their art, so for an entire year I can play at any of the shows they sponsor.  They have shows in all the major cities of the United States, and so I just got back from playing one of their shows in California.”

What are some of the more unglamorous parts of being a musician?

“You have to work hard and find opportunities to make money so that you can afford your career.  I teach piano and record on other people’s projects.  Daily life is also a lot of to do lists.17048250536_f91e9b8a43_o

Here’s an example:

  • Interview with Time to Blossom
  • Work on my website
  • Learn new songs
  • Decide on next set-list
  • Press release for house concerts
What’s the best way for people to hear and get to know you?

“Right now I’m doing a house concert tour.  I like playing my music in an intimate setting.  I like to talk to the crowd and love getting to know people who like my music.  These house concerts are also special because the host gets to pick a charity and part of the donations that I receive from my concert go to that charity.  I’m also working on a new album, so donations will help me on that as well.”

Well Time to Blossom ladies, now that you’ve gotten to know the artist, get to know her music.  Let’s all work to support a beautiful, inspiring person and musician!  She definitely deserves it!

Much Love,


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