I was first introduced to the concept of meditation nearly 10 years ago as I started attending yoga class at my neighborhood gym. Yoga quickly turned into PIlates, which I loved a little bit more because it has all the grounding principles of yoga, but also an element of ballet and is more of an aerobic exercise than yoga. In Pilates and yoga we always conclude with a quiet time laying on the mat and centering ourselves with the universe. There are also certain poses where the instructor invites us to ‘give our problems to the universe’  I’m an uptight gal by nature so the introduction of this concept of being still really resonated with me. However, I think there is some confusion as to what meditation means. Are you picturing sitting cross legged with chants of ‘om’ and trying to keep your mind completely quiet? When we are told to be still, for most of us we naturally can’t clear our minds to think of absolutely nothing. Our thoughts turn to all the things we should be doing, and for me the more I tell my mind to be still, the more active it wants to be. This was how I used to feel about meditation, until I delved deeper into the practice. It was then that I learned it is impossible for our minds to truly be still- that finding that peace comes from being in a quiet place, eliminating distraction, and focusing on breathing. Paying attention to our breathing helps our minds to focus. Another help I found was guided meditation- repeating mantras with apps like headspace or calm. Then one day the Spirit whispered to me, “Why not try a Christian approach to meditation?” I immediately turned to google with the simple words, ‘Christian meditation’ and what I found was life changing. Rather than giving my problems to the universe, I was now giving them to Christ. The imagery in the following video helps me to visualize dropping my cares at the feet of the Lord. I have a place in my home where I read the scriptures and pray. This has become my meditation place as well and as I listen to the words of this guided meditation I look up to see a painting of Christ overlooking Jerusalem. This painting serves as a reminder that He is watching over me as well.

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