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One of my least favorite things of the day to day is coming home at the end of work day and blankly staring into the fridge magically hoping something tasty will appear. By 5:30pm, I’m starving and/ or hangry (angry & hungry), and my culinary creativity ranges from quesadilla to sandwich- wah wah boring. 

To help me keep my sanity and eat better, plus I really enjoy making food, I like to plan my weekly dinner meals. It may sound silly, but some times 7 days of different ideas is intimidating to me. There are unlimited dinner ideas and recipes on Pinterest to pick from, but I need to simplify it a little to make it easier. I assigned different categories to each day:

Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday (Mexican), Salad Wednesday, International Thursday, Friday date night/ eat out, Saturday leftovers/ test a new recipe, and Sunday family dinner. 

I have my these categories literally written in on the top of my calendar and I really stick to them. This helps me stay in a budget and prevents me from having to go to the grocery store multiple times a week. Plus I really LOVE food and really love eating and  instead of stressing over dinner or having cereal, again, I now look forward to what’s for dinner.

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PS theses tacos, are really delicious. I had them on Tuesday.

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