It’s said you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with; well if that’s true and if the only person ever found perfect to ever live on this earth is Christ, then shouldn’t Christ be at the top of that list?

As I’ve been evaluating the relationships I have in my life, I’ve noticed a pattern; the stronger my relationship is with Christ, the stronger every other relationship in my life is as well. The more my heart grows closer to the Savior, the more I can grow and strengthen the relationships I yearn to grow. Without Christ, nothing grows; it just stays and over time it weakens.

These Christ-like attributes show that Christ set the perfect example for all relationships:


Trials come up in every relationship, but as we hope in good things to come working through the hard times and developing confidence in each other, discouragement becoming conquered.


Love is about constantly thinking of the other person with a desire serve them.


Virtue is controlling our thoughts and actions creating trust and unity which is essential for relationships.


Studying the scriptures allows the Holy Ghost to speak to our minds more easily, and the Holy Ghost knows the truth of all things.


Any relationship takes patience because no one is perfect. Often someone around us does something that bothers us, it takes patience to overlook weakness and let it go.


Humility is about not always needing to be right and saying sorry even if you’re positive that you are right. It’s about serving the other person even if they did hurt your feelings.


Diligence is about not giving up when a relationship gets tough. It’s about sticking through the rainstorms to see a beautiful rainbow in the end.


If we aren’t obeying God, we are inviting the adversary in to destroy every good relationship we have.


I’ve learned that as I turn my heart to Christ, every relationship I desire to be strong really does grow.

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