I have historically not been the best scripture reader. Our ward has issued a Book of Mormon challenge, and while that has helped me become better at reading, I still sometimes struggle to get my scripture reading done. Often, what happens is that I start doing other things before I read my scriptures. I open up Instagram or Facebook and an hour later, I decide I should start getting ready for the day and scripture reading has slipped my mind.

Well, one thing my siblings and I are pretty good at is competition. So recently, my brother started a Duolingo club so we could compete against each other in learning Spanish. Well, since I like to win, I decided I needed to be more diligent about my Duolingo practices. Knowing I also needed to be better about scripture study, I decided to pair the two together and challenge myself. I wouldn’t allow myself to get on social media until I had read my scriptures and done my Duolingo for the day.

I haven’t been doing it for that long, but the period I have done it for has been night and day. First off, after reading my scriptures and practicing my languages, I am always far more motivated to get stuff done. Instead of laying in bed scrolling through Instagram in the morning, I complete my tasks and get out to exercise. Secondly, my desire to look at social media has declined immensely. I can’t even tell you why this is, but it has happened and I love the feeling of liberation it has brought me.

We talk in the Church about making sure our priorities are in order, and I think one way we can make sure they’re in order is putting them in order within our day. There’s nothing wrong with reading scriptures at night, I used to be an all star at that. However, I think that when we wake up and immediately look at social media, our very first thoughts of the day are not on improvement and progression, but on comparison, and I do think that’s a problem.

What are some things you want to prioritize in your life? Try and put them first in the day and see if that makes it easier to focus on them.

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