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When I first started doing makeup on myself, I would put on as much as I could and would do it the exact same way everyday. My mom would always tell me, “There’s daytime makeup, and there’s nighttime makeup.” I didn’t realize she was right until much later. There are a number of reasons for changing your makeup according to the occasion. The most obvious is because of lighting. In the daytime it is very easy to see makeup on people—and the point of makeup is to look like you’re not wearing any. So during the day, the less makeup, the better. At nighttime you can add darker colors and your makeup won’t be as noticeable because there isn’t any natural light hitting your face.

But aside from daytime and evening makeup, I think that changing your makeup to fit the occasion is also important. For instance, when you go to the gym, do you wear a full face of makeup? Or for a date, do you want to look extra special?

I love Charlotte Tilbury because she understands this concept so well. She has video tutorials for every occasion, and a lot of her videos will show you how to go from your daytime makeup to evening makeup. I chose three of her tutorials that I think show a great contrast between the different occasions you probably experience.

First: This is a great everyday natural makeup that you could wear during the daytime:

Second: This video shows how you can do a little bit extra to look extra special when you go out on a date:

Last: Smokey eyes at times can look a little bit harsh, so it’s best to wear them in the evening. It can be hard to know where it is appropriate to wear a smokey eye, but I think some great places could be parties, concerts, or holiday occasions.

So as you can see, these looks are all different but all very beautiful. They all have their place, and it can be super fun to mix it up for different occasions.

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