Love Your Swimsuit

115 degree summer days and barbecuing nights leave only one option as we think about our choice of  seasonal wardrobe, a bathing suit. Before cueing Beethoven’s 5th and considering attending this year’s 4th of July pool party fully dressed, peruse the following tips to help you not only wear, but love your swimsuit.

1. Choose the right one for you.
As you select your swimsuit for the year, remember that striking colors and bold patterns emphasize, while subdued hues and solid colors minimize. Use this tip to strategize your dressing by opting for mix and match separates to play up the areas of your figure that you love!
2. Shop in the store.
I avoid toddler temper tantrums through online shopping in all clothing purchases except swimsuits. It is best to plan an uninterrupted outing for the sole purpose of swimsuit shopping. Find a store with several style and fit options (I love Dillard’s swim collection this year). Trying on in-store will secure your chances of finding something that will work, purchasing with confidence, and moving on to less evasive summer essentials, like sunglasses.

2. Try a spray tan.

A spray tan is the anti-aging option to avoid sun damage and the best way to camouflage imperfections, all while helping you look slimmer. If you’re going on a beach trip, or have an important event, invest in a professional, while trying at home versions and build a glow products for every day. In my experience for spray tans gone wrong, baby oil will work as a color corrector should you need it. : )
3. Exfoliate your skin.
A pre-curser to a flawless self tan, exfoliating will remove unwanted dry skin and leave your skin with a natural radiance. Use any exfoliating wash as long as it doesn’t have almond shells in the ingredients (which cause microfiber tears in the skin) or my favorite option, granulated sugar mixed with water to create an at home spa atmosphere.
4. Polish your fingers and toes.
Don’t underestimate the dynamism of a mani/pedi to your self-image. Whether going to a professional or DIY at home, don’t forget to remove unsightly calluses and then choose a polish color that will instill happiness from your lounge chair. Neon colors will keep you on trend this summer, while red and pink are always classic.
5. Elicit hair and light make-up.
When Jackson says, “Mommy you go underwater with me,” I can’t resist taking my face and hair for a dip as well. Accordingly, on most summer days I’m culling a fresh faced look, sans face make-up, but I never head to the pool without a bright lip stain. Keep hair out of your face and off your neck with a low chignon or utilize swimming as the lucky to chance to try a new daily braid.
6. Switch from soda to water.
Drinking water will keep you hydrated for all your fun swimming activities, help cleanse the body from toxins, reduce cellulite, and give your skin a healthy glow. Try infusing your beverage with cucumber or strawberry for a refreshing twist and a healthy alternative to soda pop.
7. Treat your swimwear as part of a complete ensemble.
A straw hat, a lacy cover-up, and colorful sandals will take your swimwear and your self-image to the next level. Accessorize with dainty jewelry for when you leave your security blanket/cover-up on the cool deck.
0653 - Version 2 Post by Tiffany Cook, Blossom Fashion ExpertInstagram: @grownupdressup

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