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I feel like every year I make resolutions, but by the time I get to December, I realize I fulfilled very few of them. That’s why I am making a very simple resolution this year: to live every day to the fullest.

A movie I absolutely love is one about a man who learns he can time travel. At first he uses this gift to try and have more courage in certain situations, or prevent heartbreak, but then realizes he can use this gift to live each day twice. The first to live as normal, and the second to watch for every small thing that brought him joy—to soak in the precious moments spent with family, to look at hardships from a different perspective, and to really appreciate every moment he was given. While I’m pretty sure most of us cannot time travel, we can treat every day as if we are living it for the second time.

If you had this ability, what things would you look for? How would you act differently? What would you say to the people you love?

As this new year begins, I encourage us all (myself included) to look for the good in each day, and try not to let the challenging parts overrule the wonderful ones. Each day is truly a gift, so let’s use them to pay a compliment to a friend, write a letter to a loved one, or express gratitude to family members who have had an impact on us.

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