I saw a picture similar to this on Pinterest a couple of years ago, and I literally laughed out loud. I’m pretty sure at least two of my four kids were fighting at the time, and I’m certain I should have put myself in this shirt on a many occasions!


If we want to be happy, life (like the ‘get along’ shirt) will force us to get along with others.


How well do you get along with others?  Or maybe the better question is, how well do you WANT to get along with others?


Our ability to get along with others, whether one-on-one or in groups, isn’t just a nice skill to have.  It is skill that we NEED to be happy, healthy, and productive throughout life.  Jobs, projects, neighborhoods, church activities, and, most importantly, family relationships, require being able to work well with others.


For some, working together might come naturally, but for most of us, it takes effort.  Whether it comes naturally or not, all of us can develop the skills needed to become a great partner, friend, and/or family member.


There are many ways to improve relationships, but the following four ideas have helped me improve my personal relationships:


GIVE AND KEEP GIVING || Realize that there are times in all relationships when you may have to give a little more than the other person.  Don’t keep score and give up when things aren’t “equal.”   Plans change, circumstances arise, life happens. Be flexible. Be quick to forgive and quick to apologize.


BE PATIENT || Have patience both with yourself and others; no one is perfect.   If we want others to be patient with us, as we work on our own imperfections, we must give them the same consideration.


COMPLIMENT || Look for the good in others.  Everyone has great qualities.  Abraham Lincoln once said, “Everyone I meet is in some way my superior.”  When you recognize good qualities in someone, let them know!  Even if you think they have already heard it, remind of their strengths.  Everyone loves a compliment, and your compliment might make someone aware of a strength they didn’t know they had.


HAVE FUN || Laugh, find joy, and be happy. “Men are that they might have joy” (2 Nephi 2:25). People naturally gravitate toward happy people.  Even when things are hard or you are stressed, try and find happiness in the moment.


There are many ways to get along with others, but focusing on this short list has helped me improve my relationships.  Some days I could still use a ‘get along’ shirt for myself, but I am improving. And I’ve learned it’s healthy and fun to recognize and celebrate as I see improvements in myself.


Auburn graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in business.

She currently resides in Mesa, AZ with her husband David and their four young children.   While her primary focus is raising her kids, she also co-owns a t-shirt company called Lemon Tee Shop with her dear friend Julynn.

When she isn’t busy mothering or running a small business, she enjoys, working out, going on dates with her husband, and reading.


IG: @lemonteeshop

Website:  http://www.lemonteeshop.com

Twitter: @lemonteeshop

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