At our last church meeting, my bishop challenged each member of the ward to change just one thing we are doing in the hopes that the ward would experience a large shift if we all worked together in a small way.

I love that idea!! Simple. Nothing huge. Anything you want. What one thing would you do differently if you tried?

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I want to tell you that it’s possible. That you can change one thing; become a little happier, even! Many times in life we try to change too many things at once. When I was younger, I decided that I wanted to be more organized, so every day I would make a detailed plan about my day:
7AM – wake up
7:15AM – prayer
7:20AM – eat breakfast
And so on. When something new came up and threw off my schedule, it totally stressed me out and I felt like I was nowhere near my goal of becoming more consistent! As I got older, I realized that my approach was all wrong the entire time. What I began doing was being consistent in just one things every day, and once I mastered that, I would add on another! Scripture study at 8 o’clock, then journal writing at 10 o’clock, etc.

When we focus on one small thing we can do differently, we feel more accomplished and are then able to add to our skills slowly and surely.

I encourage you to find the one small thing you can change today! Something easy and doable. You won’t regret it!

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