Hi my name is Melodi.  I grew up with a mother who was passionate about learning. I was labeled “an inquisitive child” as a little girl in school and I think I continue to be the kind of person that needs to know the why’s and how’s of every issue. Now that I’ve graduated from college, have been married for a short 7 years, and have 4 precious little kids, I’m realizing how invaluable the skills I learned as young woman are to me now as a professional teacher, mother and wife. As I go through normal days in my life I hope to share ways that I have learned how to become not only a better person, but truly the person that Heavenly Father knows that we are. No matter what stage of life we are in there is always room for improvement! It is an exciting road when we learn to recognize struggles, weaknesses, challenges as perfect avenues to become our best self!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Meloci Melecio-Be Your Best

1181 - Version 2Melodi Melecio’s Blossom Team specialty is “How to Be Your Best.”  She was raised in Utah in a bilingual, Peruvian-American home.  Finishing high school at age 17, she eagerly sought a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at BYU. At age 21, Melodi completed her first year as a second grade teacher, got married, had twins, and graduated! Things didn’t slow down as she went on to certify as an Emotional Release Facilitator and Montessori teacher. She loves to run every morning, read, cook, sing, laugh, and just be with her four precious kids and husband. Melodi has spoken at BYU Women’s Conference and sang at the Tabernacle on Temple Square in “Ven a Mi Casa esta Navidad,” a Spanish Christmas celebration. Here she is singing a duet with her husband Alex: http://youtu.be/KdBPP1tzP8M.

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