We are SO thrilled to bring you an interview with one of today’s most popular musical artists, Lindsey Stirling! Lindsey is a violinist, composer and dancer and was one of the first artists to use YouTube to gain a fan base. She was a finalist on America’s Got Talent and has one of the most viewed YouTube videos of all time — Crystallize. Lindsey is vivacious, creative, motivated, and most importantly, kind and genuine. I got to spend some time with Lindsey when she was in Arizona a couple of months ago and I was so impressed with how down to earth and hilarious she is. Lindsey is one of a kind, and we are so lucky to get to learn more about her today on MTTB!


When and how did you become interested in music?

My parents took my sisters and I to orchestra concerts and they used to play classical music in our home. My sisters and I would dance around the living room to Mozart and I begged for lessons at the age of 6.

What was life like for you during your teenage years?

I loved to be involved in as many things as possible. I was on multiple sports teams, in orchestra, band, the new media club…etc. I just loved to explore all my interests. I also was always filming videos with friends and playing in bands.

Phoenix, AZ, August 13, 2015 at Comerica Theater. Lindsey Stirling performs at Comerica Theater on August 13th, 2015. Credit: Leavitt Wells / Leave it to Leavitt Photography

How did you discover your unique musical style?

I experimented with different styles of music and made it fun. I also collaborated with different artists, so when I was able to make my own music, I knew what I liked.

You served a mission in New York City. How did that change you?

My mission gave me a deeper testimony because for the first time I was making a big sacrifice for my beliefs. It made me realize how beautiful the gospel message is because I got to see people’s lives change as I shared it with them. I also gained a greater ability to love and it helped me better understand God’s love for me.

TUCSON, AZ, - AUG 12, 2015. Lindsey Stirling bus, dress rehersal and dressing room in Tucson, AZ. Photo Credit: Leavitt Wells / Leave it to Leavitt Photography

Tell me about your experience on America’s Got Talent.

It was an over dramatic, emotional roller coaster. Haha. They make you think this is going to be the biggest moment of your life, your make or break moment. Then when I got ridiculed on national television, it was humiliating and I thought that my dreams were shattered. Then I learned that the opinion of one show’s spin on my art doesn’t speak for everyone’s opinion. My fear and humiliation turned into motivation. I wanted to prove them wrong.

What is the most fulfilling part of performing and making videos?

I love performing because I love to see the smiles from the people in the crowd. There is always at least one person who is so excited to be there. You can tell they have been waiting for this for months.


What advice would you give yourself during your teenage years?

Embrace the busy moments and the free moments.

How has your faith and testimony strengthened you?

My testimony gives me hope and encouragement. When I feel overwhelmed or creatively blocked, I remember that the inspiration for my music doesn’t come from my head, it comes from God. Once when I was feeling nearly suffocated by pressure and fear, I went to the temple and I felt the distinct impression, “I didn’t lead you this far to let you fall.”  God leads us and he will never just leave us alone after he’s gotten us somewhere.

Thanks again Lindsey for sharing with us! Subscribe to Lindsey’s YouTube channel here and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @LindseyStirling.


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