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I hate the sound of an alarm. Why would I want the first thing I hear to scare me half to death? It wasn’t until way later that I learned your alarm doesn’t need to be an annoying blare or the sound of a siren. Here are some positive alarms to try:

  1. Your favorite song—I woke up to “Storm Warning” by Hunter Hayes for months. Every time the song came on, I would wake up dancing and singing. “I’m gonna wish I had a storm warning. I’m gonna wish I had a sign. I’m gonna wish I had a little heads up, little leap-way, little more time.” I loved it!

  2. Light—I now have my lamp on my nightstand set on a timer. Every morning at 6:00am, the light flicks on. I no longer have the option to stay asleep.

  3. Gradually increasing sound—Your alarm can start low and quiet then increase in sound with each minute that passes. This way you won’t miss your alarm on days you are extra tired, but on the days you have gotten plenty of sleep, you can wake up easily without being scared awake.

  4. Nature sounds—Imagine waking up to the sound of rain, the ocean waves crashing, or the sound of the forrest. What bliss!

Now that your alarm is happy, it is your job not to hit snooze! By hitting snooze you are throwing off your internal clock. One day you choose to get up at 7:00 AM, and the next day 7:15 AM. Your internal clock is confused! When you have your internal clock set, your body is ready to take on the day! For me, the best way to avoid the ‘snooze trap’ is put your alarm across the room. This way you have no choice but to get out of bed and SEIZE THE DAY!

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Sally Whetten Photography -124 Guest Post By Nicole Carpenter

Nicole graduated Summa Cum Laude from ASU in Educational Studies with a minor in U.S. History. She is a licensed cosmetologist and a lover of dark chocolate brownies. Nicole currently resides in Los Angeles while her husband attends the UCLA School of Law. They have a beautiful baby girl named June who has sparkling blue eyes and a full head of dark hair.

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