I was recently listening to a podcast interview with Joy Cho from Ohjoy.com. (She is an amazing designer, creator, Instagram dancer, and happiness enthusiast.) Joy was being asked about her success as a business woman (She is THE boss babe and, oh man, does she have it together!) but the topic of success for Joy and what brings her happiness quickly turned to her talking about her family; she and her husband have two adorable daughters. And that is where she finds her greatest happiness.

Joy talked about how she has gotten into the habit of when she drops her girls off at school to she always asks them, “What are you going to be today?” And her daughters answer vary some, but the answer she has been teaching them to say is, “Amazing!”

I love that ‘amazing’ is so open ended. You can be amazing at driving to work on time, drawing the perfect cat eye (props girl), getting your essay in at 11:59pm, working out the kinks, baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie, tweaking the school uniform to make it your own, using props in photoshoots (clearly, not my strong suit), smiling at everyone you see in between classes, snagging a table while someone else places the order, picking a prime watermelon at the grocery store, going on burrito runs, breaking your personal record at track, expecting the unexpected, staying awake during your economics class after lunch (if you’ve been there, then you understand), and being the first person to say “I’m sorry.” It has limitless possibilities!
So I think we should all do ourselves a favor and put ‘amazing’ on a little note and stick it somewhere you will see it when you leave the house: your bathroom mirror, car dashboard, microwave, whatever.

It’s the personal pep talk you can squeeze into any day.

What are you going to be today? Amazing!


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