Summer is just around the corner! After several productive months, you deserve some time by the pool with a glass of ice cold strawberry lemonade. Let’s think about that image for another minute. “Hello Summer!”


As you pack your first beach bag, let me suggest adding some pen and paper to think about what else you are going to do over the next few months. As you enjoy those first few days of summer, set some personal goals and restrictions (i.e. don’t get trapped in too many Netflix marathons) and plan some fun activities with your friends. Summer can get quite busy if you’re working, traveling, or taking classes. By planning ahead, you are on your way for an enjoyable summer filled with your favorites. Here are a few ideas to help you brainstorm.

For the Traveler: Make a travel journal – filled with photos and tips of places you have been. Fill it with the memories you don’t want to forget.

For the Outdoor Enthusiast: Plan a camping trip – pick a campsite, a date, and who’s coming along. OR set a goal to hike a certain distance – pick a number of miles and then find trails. Break out the miles so you reach your goal by the end of the summer.

For the Crafty: Pick a DIY home project – I know you have a Pinterest board full of DIY crafts. Pick at least one, and get it done!

For the Home Cook: Host a dinner party – put your skills to the test and share your talents with others. OR take a baking class – finally learn how to make bread or macaroons.

For the Bookworm: Read books – make a list of books to read and set a schedule. Then, put your library card to good use.

For the Planner: Review your goals and acknowledge your progress. Or jump start on career/life planning – find out who has your dream job and sit down with them over lunch. Get the inside scoop and workout next steps.

For the Fashionista: Plan a photo-shoot or fashion show with friends, your Stake or community.

For the Competitor: Enter a contest – practice and then get that trophy.


As always, share you summer successes with us at #itsmytimeto

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