7 Ways to Live A Healthier Lifestyle: Cheap and easy habits to live by that have been tested with life experience and 14 hour work days.

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Habit 1

Plan Your Meals. Make your family’s health a priority. I create a plan every Sunday night. No matter how tired I am, I do it. As a woman in the home, our family’s health is largely our responsibility. Our future children’s relationship with food will stem from the habits and attitudes we have developed ourselves.

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Habit 2

Have a consistent workout time. Training for races and events with friends helps a lot if you’re in the beginning stages of creating a long term habit. Having a friend will help hold you accountable, and knowing that you have to perform at a specific level at a specific time helps make the goal more real and the motivation stronger. Find your favorite way of exercise and make it a priority to develop that hobby.


Habit 3

Sleep at least 7 hours a night. Your sleep patterns can affect hormone levels that control appetite, cravings, and metabolism. People who do not get enough sleep will crave more sugars and high calorie foods than a well slept individual.


Habit 4

Be aware of your cravings. Ask yourself, “Why am I having this craving? How can I prevent myself from craving this again?” More often than not, cravings are derived from one of our behaviors – lack of sleep, spiking your blood sugar, emotions, etc.

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Habit 5

Learn how to cook meals that are healthy, fast, and cheap. Having a list of your favorite healthy meals will help when you have those busy days. A few resources include Whole 30 recipes on the internet, Skinnytaste.com, and the Power Foods Lifestyle recipes.


Habit 6

Keep a water bottle with you, always. Americans drink more calories from beverages than any other nation. If we keep water in hand, we will not only stay hydrated (which aids in weight loss) but we will be less likely to take part in sugary beverages which can spike our blood sugars and induce cravings for more sugary foods.


Habit 7

Live the Gospel. Many statistical reports from Harvard and BYU have found that LDS members have a higher life expectancy and less occurrence of heart disease. BYU professor Keith J Karren states: “How then does religion, and specifically the LDS religion, have such a positive impact on health? Health lies at the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and it is not just physical well-being. Rather, it encompasses the whole person: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. Our Savior is the source of all health and the source of an abundant life…Living the gospel of Jesus Christ, then, can make our lives longer, healthier, and happier.”


Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 11.15.19 AMHi I’m Sami Amundsen. I am a born-again health advocate who has traveled the world working in hospitals educating in Public Health. I attended BYU for Public Health and French and am now pursuing a degree in Nursing at ASU so that I may be more effective in serving communities around the world. I am an avid runner, budding artist, lover of culture, and am currently training for a triathlon. I live in Tempe, AZ with my husband.

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