IMG_0754I have had the opportunity to take many religion classes while attending BYU over the past three years, and one of the most interesting classes has been Living Prophets. My teacher would tell us, “If you love the brethren you will follow them.” As I have learned about the prophets, I have gained a greater love for each of them and my testimony has been strengthened. I know there is a prophet on the earth today who receives revelation specifically for us.

I know there are apostles on the earth who also receive revelation for us, and that principle rang true during President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk entitled “He Will Place You on His Shoulders & Carry You Home”. Never has a talk struck me with so much power. As I heard, and then read the words, I felt like the talk was meant specifically for me. It is amazing how spiritually in-tune the prophet and apostles are and I am so thankful for them. If you take the time to read the talk, I am convinced there will be something in it for you too!

President Uchtdorf in the April 2016 conference said this, “It matters not how completely ruined our lives may seem. It matters not how scarlet our sins, how deep our bitterness, how lonely, abandoned, or broken our hearts may be. Even those who are without hope, who live in despair, who have betrayed trust, surrendered their integrity, or turned away from God can be rebuilt. Save those rare sons of perdition, there is no life so shattered that it cannot be restored.”

“He knows when you are lost, and He knows where you are. He knows your grief. Your silent pleadings. Your fears. Your tears. It matters not how you became lost—whether because of your own poor choices or because of circumstances beyond your control. What matters is that you are His child. And He loves you. He loves His children.”

Watch the whole conference talk here.


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