Hair: Splurge or Save?

That Suave commercial always comes to mind whenever I think of hair product. It goes something like, “Who spent a fortune at the salon and who saved money by buying Suave? If you can’t tell why should we?” Now, that’s totally paraphrasing because my lack-of-sleep brain couldn’t remember the real deal (someone help a momma out!), but anyway. We’re going to play a little game called splurge or save.


I’m going to go ahead and provide you with a splurge and save item for some of the most used (in my salon chair) beauty products. So if you are the type of product junkie that wants to try something different/new, you’ll have options. Like the finer things in life? You big spender, you… Go for the splurges!  Like to save a dime?  Take them straight to the bank with my save options.

Here we go:





hairsprays:  Splurge-  bumble & bumble classic  Save-  TIGI masterpiece

leave-in conditioner:  Splurge-  it’s a 10unite 7 seconds  Save –  not your mother’s

beach spray:  Splurge- bumble & bumble surf spray        Save-  not your mother’s

texturizing spray:   Splurge-  oribebig sexy hair Save-  fekkai

curl cream:   Splurge-  moroccan oil curl cream    Save-  catwalk curls rocks

dry shampoo: batiste Save-  suave

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