One of my favorite things about Christmas is how much more we think about ChristHis birth, His life, and what He means to us. Christmas also helps us remember Christ’s attributes, specifically His love for serving others.

Service is one of the best ways to remember and draw closer to Christ, which in turn makes for a more meaningful Christmas experience. If you are looking for some ideas on how to serve during the Christmas season, here are a few to get you started:

  1. Reach out to your neighbors. Whether they be the people in the adjacent apartment, the family who live next door, or even the sibling one room away from youreach out to them. For example, you could bring your neighbor some Christmas goodies or look out for a way to serve them. Does it look like they need help with their yard? Would a bag of groceries mean a lot? Would they benefit from having a new friend?
  2. Volunteer. It could be at your local homeless shelter, soup kitchen, animal shelter, church, or any other place that would appreciate a few helping hands. If you live in Arizona, a great place to volunteer is at Feed My Starving Children (website link here).
  3. Service gift baskets. These are a great way to anonymously serve, and they could really bless someone’s life. Potential items to place in your service gift basket could be gift cards, toys (if there are children), food, games, or handmade items.
  4. A simple smile. Try to acknowledge those around you by smiling at those who pass by. You never know how much a smile might mean to someone.
  5. Bring others to Christ. The greatest service you can do for someone is to teach them about Christ. Try looking out for missionary opportunities and see if there is anyone you know who would like to learn about Jesus Christ and/or the gospel.

This video is a great reminder of the impact of service:

There are so many people all around us who are in need of help, and we can be the good Samaritan in their lives.

I hope we can all find ways to be more like the Savior and remember that we are His hands here on earth. Let’s do our best to prioritize the “Christ” part of Christmas and do what we can to follow His example of service during the holiday season.

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