I’m slightly obsessed with reading “favorite things” type posts on blogs, so I thought I would put together a list of five things I’m really loving right now!

1.Leaves candle from Bath & Body Works

This candle is straight up amazing. It’s a festive seasonal blend of apple and spices, and it transitions perfectly from the fall to the winter months as well! I am a candle lover, and I’ve found that Bath & Body works candles burn so much stronger than other candles, and you can usually find them for half price or less (regular price $22.50). Other fall/winter candles of theirs that I love are Autumn, Hey Honey, Cider Lane, and Fresh Balsam.

2. Oh Yeah! One protein bars

I am sooo picky when it comes to protein bars and these are exceptionally good! They aren’t too thick and have a much better texture than many other bars I’ve tried — plus they come in TONS of flavors! I’ve tried about half of them, and my favorites are Maple Donut, Almond Bliss, Birthday Cake, Cinnamon Roll, and Chocolate Brownie. They are very low in sugar and high in protein, so a bar makes the perfect mid-day snack! I also love using it as a kind of dessert replacement. I recommend finding a place that sells them individually so you can try them out before buying too many of one flavor! GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe usually have them, but I’ve never seen them for less than $2 per bar, even on sale. In my opinion, they are definitely worth it though!

3. Kirkland Maple Syrup

I grew up eating homemade maple syrup (or buttermilk syrup!) almost every day, and my husband is from New England, which makes him a maple syrup snob, and we both agree this is the best store-bought maple syrup in town. It’s very thin, which I like because then I don’t have to use as much because it spreads so well. We love having it on Kodiak Cakes or french toast with Biscoff — okay I need to stop now because I’m going to drool all over my computer.

4. Coconut Oil for taking off mascara

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I have always had the hardest time getting my mascara off at night — does anyone else have this problem? Either I would wake up the next morning with bits of mascara under my eyes, or when I would put on my eye make up the next day it would be like putting on a second, rather than a first coat of mascara and it drove me nuts! I’ve tried everything from wipes to oils to micellar water and none of it totally did the job until a friend recommended coconut oil. Not only is this the least expensive of the store-bought make up removers, it’s also great for your skin and some people even say it helps their eyelashes grow! I haven’t noticed a difference in my lashes, other than that they are actually CLEAN and fresh the next day which is enough for me! I keep a tablespoon or two in a small Tupperware in my bathroom and just dip my finger in, rub my lashes between my fingers for 30 seconds, then use toilet paper or a cotton ball to remove the oil. So fast, cheap and easy!

5. This book!

I’ve always been interested in World War II books, fiction or nonfiction, and this autobiography is remarkable. An older woman writes the story of her life as a 15-21 year old jewish girl in Europe working in labor camps and what motivated her to do everything to not only survive, but to help the girls around her feel hope and even happiness in their terrible circumstances. Gerda’s story is heart wrenching and inspiring, and I stayed up late into the night finishing it because I could not put it down. Do yourself a favor and read this book, it will change you.

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