Photo Credit: Natali Griffin

I just spent Mother’s Day with my family. And when I say family I mean the whole family- my husband, kids, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and both of my grandmas! This is totally normal, right? Sometimes we plan things in advance, but even if we haven’t, someone in the family always sends a group text asking whose house we are all gathering at on the weekend. There’s no obligation to come, just a friendly invitation to anyone and everyone who’d like to join. Summer or winter, good times and bad ones these are the people that have accompanied me through it all. It’s like the University of Life to be so connected with such a big family. When I saw this picture of most of the women in my family I was reminded of the strength that I draw from each one.

My sisters Adriana, Natali, me, and my mother Gigi

I was talking to a friend of mine trying to explain our family dynamic and she just couldn’t wrap her head around it. She said, “I would go crazy if I saw my extended family that often!” Another friend told me her family is too much drama and it’s not worth it. I’ve also heard a friend say her mother and sisters were more like acquaintances, not people they would choose to hang out with. I came across this quote in the Ensign of 2000 that kind of sums up my thoughts.

“If we have patience, commitment to the celestial goal of family unity, willing minds and hearts, and good attitudes, bridges can be built.”—Patricia Russell

If any relationship were worth investing in, I’d say it is definitely in our own family members. When I would fight with my sister, my mom would remind us that we would be friends forever so we’d better start now. I didn’t believe her at the time, but as friends have come and gone, my sisters are still the ones I talk to almost everyday and definitely the people I hang out with the most. Because we are with each other during the low times, we get to all celebrate the wins too. There is definitely drama sometimes, but we always come out closer, wiser, and the love and bond between each grandma, aunt, cousin, or sibling is stronger.

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