It’s the holiday season and that usually means life seems to be extra busy and sometimes even chaotic!! Or maybe that’s just me. 😉 Elder Nelson gives a message so fitting for the holiday season because he tells us that it is so pivotal for our happiness to be be able to see the big picture of life. When we understand God’s plan, we are able to deflect our fears because we have a knowledge of what is to come. Just like when you’re watching a movie for the first time and you’re stressed about what the outcome will be, versus when you watch it for the second time and are much more relaxed because y0u know the ending. That’s how the Saints of God are able to make it through each tough time with greater strength; we know what lies ahead! We know that this plan is perfect and each of us has a place in it!

i hope that you will remember this message as you go throughout your busy days this season, because God has so much to offer us when we can let go of our fears about the unknown (will there be enough food for Thanksgiving dinner? How am I ever going to defend my faith when so many people at my school are so cruel? What if I get really sick and can’t accomplish my goals in life?) when we focus on our faith and what we know, we will find peace in tumultuous times.

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