Here’s the good news my friends:

There are countless opportunities to be happy.
I have a few tips to make finding joy a much easier process. 

The good news is that we have countless opportunities to be happy. Imagine our lives like a subway station, where happy times are arriving ’round the clock. Odds are the chances to be happy have already arrived. Most of the time, it is right in front of you. BUT, sometimes we sit there, like a deer in the head lights with no idea what to do about it.

 I can promise you, that despite what is going on around you, or whatever is going on in the very center of your life, that joy and happiness can be found. YOU CAN feel successful and find success, YOU CAN feel beautiful, YOU CAN move on, YOU CAN get through it, YOU CAN be happy. When we shift our focus and the way we think, everything else changes. When we shift our focus, change happens. So get your shift together, okay?

Can you see it? That sizzling hot pizza? Yeah same. That’s a sliver of happiness I enjoy adding to my life more often than I like to admit. More real life time, and less screen time? More traveling? More me time? Whatever it is, ADD IT. This is YOUR FREAKING LIFE. We already covered no more waiting for happiness. ADD IT ALREADY.

We all dream of a happy life. For some of us we may feel like that just isn’t attainable, given our circumstances. Well, as your internet friend, I strongly disagree. I’m here to tell you that your life can be happy and FULL of joy. It’s what you do with the seconds in your day and how you utilize opportunities.

Close your eyes and create a mental image of your life’s reset button. NOW CLICK IT. WOOOOOOOO wasn’t that refreshing? Sometimes we just need that. Now what do YOU need? Remember it’s perfectly okay to have some ME time. Sometimes me time includes laying down on my bed with a yummy acai bowl, binge watching a light-hearted TV show. Somehow it finds its way to cure my stress No shame. I also have found one thing though that I feel interrupts this ME time. How many of us take those moments to breathe, and in the process think of every single thing we need to be doing? Shoot, I still have 3 loads of laundry to do, I could really clean my bathroom, I could really use this time to write in my journal, or go and buy Jill’s wedding gift. It’s at this point that the binge watching and acai bowl enjoyment is over.

SO. Get life sorted. Make lists. And be sure that on those lists after all is done that you write in big bold letters ME TIME. So when bigger items on our lists are completed, we can enjoy ME time with no stressful interruptions.

Joyful living is the best living. It’s the kind of living that produces positive vibes, good energy, and encourages us to look forward with hope. It’s an outlook that truly turns everything into something good—a trial into a learning and growing experience, a bad day into something beautiful. Pure joy might seem like a fleeting emotion, but even if you feel it for only a moment in time, you can hold onto it.

The struggle of my freaking life. Why do I, and we, cause ourselves so much turmoil over this??? It’s absolutely absurd.

Romans 8: 28—
28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.

We are constantly postponing our happiness when we allow our minds to be filled with worry.
There is a formula to happiness, and it lies in changing thought patterns. Your patterns—what you do and think and say every day—determine how happy you are. It’s got nothing to do with what’s around you, but everything to do with how your brain works—that inner voice. Happiness is not within your grasp because it is, quite literally, within you.

We live in a world where it’s only the big accomplishments that are seen and heard. Today I sent a sweet text to a struggling friend, turns out it was just what she needed, and it made all the difference. But sadly just because it wasn’t me helping out a charity with professionals, it really wasn’t anything special. NOT TRUE. It’s the small and simple things in our everyday lives that truly make the biggest differences in our lives. Hold onto those. The truth is that often the things that matter the most are the small things.

YOUNG FRIENDS, THIS IS HUGE. Adult friends this is also important for your sanity, but young friends please pay close attention. Who we surround ourselves with is who we become. Figure out now who you want to be, and find those who can help you be it. This is crucial. I found myself at a very young age changing schools because I wasn’t on the right track to becoming who I wanted to be. I’m forever grateful for the brave decision I made at a young age to surround myself with people who would only bring me higher. I truly believe that is why I have joy, and can feel joy often, is because I CHOOSE to surround myself with ONLY those who can build be up and be a positive influence for good.

I recently was on a flight heading to Orlando, Florida, where I served my mission for my church. Prior to the flight I downloaded my FAVORITE movie, “She’s the Man.”.Laugh and make fun of me, it’s fine. BUT YOU GUYS. I was straight up belly laughing that entire flight. IT FELT AMAZING. And to my advantage, I probably lost a few calories from the amount of laughter. It was a win-win situation. I truly felt so much joy as i was sitting in the middle seat, on a full flight, watching, “She’s the Man,” simply because I was laughing. Oh, it felt so good.

People hurt you? 
Love them.
People irritate you?
Love them. 
Loving all, despite what’s going on is key to a happy and joyful life. I PROMISE.

Go to Thailand, and ride an elephant.

Go to a Peony grove.

Stick some of my gum on the famous gum wall.

Oh sorry, I’ll stop bugging you with my bucket list items. I have a bucket list to remind myself that this world is beautiful and that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. It brings me joy, and isn’t that whole purpose of this life?

I’m so beyond passionate about creating and finding joy in our everyday lives. It’s possible; I promise. My world, your world, is so beautiful. Find joy in it!

i love you.
Go create something beautiful.

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