The other day I was on the phone with my sweet mother crying about my list of all the things that weren’t going right in my life. She listened and then said, “Remember the video you showed me the other day about celebrating what is right and good in your life?” She totally caught me off guard because I was getting very comfortable wallowing in my 5 minute pity party. Of course I remembered the video and its message! I had shared it with anyone who would listen to me because it had impressed me so much! It changed my whole perspective. Here’s the link to the video:

There is ALWAYS something to celebrate. There is always at least a sliver of light, a glimmer of hope, or a beautiful ray of sunshine that reminds us that things will be ok. I started to laugh with my mother when I started listing all of the amazing blessings I had in my life. In fact, they were much greater than the negative things I had been complaining about.


My favorite part of the little film were the “puff balls.” The photographer was disappointed because he missed all of the potentially beautiful shots of the dandelion field and was only given “puff balls.” He chose to look at them from every angle, which takes a lot of work! It’s always easier to give up when things don’t work out the way we want them to. His final shot was incredible! I think Heavenly Father also wants us to keep looking for the great things in this world, starting with the miracles in our very own daily lives. We must recognize His hand in all things and really, REALLY trust in Him. Sometimes the louder voices in the world make us think that the horrible things going on around us reflect a majority, when in reality it is quite the opposite. It truly does give us strength and energy to find greatness in the world and celebrate as we continue building up His kingdom on the earth.

By Melodi Melecio

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