Sleeping in class

What thoughts come into your mind when you see these two words: BED TIME!

Blaaaaah. That’s what comes to my mind. I absolutely dread putting myself to bed! I have always been this way. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in things in the evening and put off sleep because it just doesn’t sound good at the moment. But then how do we feel the next day when our alarm goes off? Not so great. In fact, the thought of my alarm clock gives me the heebie jeebies. So what is it that keeps us from getting the sleep we need and deserve each night?!

For me, I’ve found a couple of obstacles lie in the way. The biggest obstacle is totally silly, and it really makes no sense at all — but you’ll probably understand what I’m talking about. Sometimes I don’t want to go to sleep because I’m just too tired to get ready for bed! So silly. Another obstacle is that I don’t give myself a specific “bed time” so the clock just keeps ticking.

In this month’s Ensign, there is an AMAZING article all about this sleep dilemma I think we all know too well. It’s called “Filled with Life and Energy” and it gives current and biblical reasons why going to bed early and waking up early are good for us physically and spiritually. That’s right, it’s not just about getting the sleep your body needs, it’s also about being up early because there’s just something about morning time that is different than the rest of the day!

I love three of the things the article says about early morning time:

The world is a more beautiful place early in the morning.

An early morning walk


This is so true! If you’ve ever watched the sunrise or gone for a morning walk you know what I’m talking about. I also looove the feeling of being awake while the world is still sleeping. I feel like I’ve discovered some secret to life about getting more hours out of each day!

Life is much more calm early in the morning.

girl opening curtains

Because most obligations like school and work don’t begin before the sun comes up, the time you give yourself in the morning is completely yours. You can go at your own pace and set the stage for a more peaceful day by getting a few things accomplished in the morning that may require willpower (like exercise or scripture study) you may not have later on in the day.

Much more can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time.

Woman reading a book on sofa.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “morning person” I believe that a good night’s rest will allow you to work better, faster and more deliberately than you would late into the evening. I really feel like there’s some sort of magic in the hours between 5-8 AM that doesn’t exist other times during the day. I can have more meaningful scripture study, receive answers to personal questions, and prepare my mind for the rest of the day and things just seem to go a lot smoother for me.

I also have personal experience with this. When I was in college I was taking a course that I knew would be very challenging for me. I knew I needed to make extra time to study, and I felt like the best way to do it was early in the morning, before my 8 AM class (which is a sacrifice for a college student who wants to be social in the evenings!). Three days a week, I would wake up an hour earlier than I needed to and study all of the material before even setting foot in the classroom. Because of the effort I put in, and the fresh state of mind I was in when I studied, I was able to do well and even learned to love the class I thought I would struggle through because I felt prepared!

So if you’re feeling like getting yourself to bed and getting up early in the morning is a constant battle, consider putting this phrase somewhere you can see when you first wake up:

When we win the first battle of the day against the mattress, we are far more likely to win more battles during the day.

So tomorrow, let’s skip the snooze button and get moving bright and early! And in case you’re wondering what time you really need to go to bed and be awake to take advantage of these morning hours, well, President Hinckley put it out there plain and simple:

If you go to bed at 10:00 and get up by 6:00 AM, things will work out for you.

And I really believe they will.



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