While raindrops and roses are nice, here are a few of my must have, can’t- live-without items.
1. Seche Vite. I could also include gel manicures in my list of favorites, but this does the job too. I love that the finish hides a plethora of mistakes, and my nails are literally wet-to-set in two minutes.


2. Vaseline lip therapy– rosy lips. After months of experimenting to find the perfect remedy for my cracked lips, I decided to go back to the Vaseline that was sitting in my medicine cabinet. My lips were the softest they had ever been after just one use. I recently found this mini version that is perfect for my purse. and the rosy gives me just the perfect amount of color for every day.
3. Sugar Paper Calendars. This year I started using a paper calendar, and I love it! I still calendar into my phone because I like the reminder feature, but each Sunday night I write out my plans for the week, and having the entire week laid out in front of me helps me prioritize.
4. Honey Perfume. I’ve never been much of a perfume girl because I always thought of it as flowery and matronly, but this year I decided to see if I could find a signature scent that wasn’t overpowering. I researched scent notes and undertones, only to be won over by the warm scent and suuuuuuper cute packaging of Marc Jacobs honey. For the girl on a budget, check out French Lavender and Honey.
5. Snoozies. This year for Christmas I’m giving my girlfriends cozy socks, but if I could I would give everyone a pair of Snoozies. The only thing better than warm, comfy feet is cute ones and the sparkle on these slippers totally fits the bill.
d7bc3267-ee39-46d7-a305-8a996cedfb52Tell me what favorite things you can’t live without in the comments below!
Post by Tiffany Cook, Blossom’s Fashion Expert






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