2016 was full of surprises, new friendships, and changes! Ok, that sounds like a general summary of every year. So, what actually makes this year stand out from the rest? A list of 2016 favorites, of course!
I am excited to say that my list of favorites has grown. By trying new things, visiting new places, and meeting new people over the year, I have learned more about my self and what I love! Here is my list of 2016 favorites:
Favorite Place: Indonesia
It’s not your average island nation. Located in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is a melting pot of indigenous cultures, world class beaches, and all of your favorite cooking spices! While I only made it to 4 of their 17,000+ islands, I am making this my favorite place of 2016!
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Favorite Book: “The Marshmallow Test” by Walter Mischel 
The psychologist behind the famous Stanford “Marshmallow Test” explains how self-control is crucial for a success while highlighting that everyone can learn to master self-control. It’s a 2016 favorite because it confirms that we can be and do more than we think.
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Favorite Recipe: White Bean Chicken Chili
It’s not soup. It’s not stew. It’s a lean and tasty chili that makes you excited about leftovers!
Recipe adjustment: Put it all in a crock-pot, and let it cook for 4 hours on high or 6 on low. Easy.
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Favorite Service Project: Farming for the Food Project
The Food Project is a service organization focused on sustainable agriculture for hunger relief. I was able to spend a day farming and harvesting crops to provide healthy and fresh food to those in need in my community. Farming is hard work! Taking care of our neighbors doesn’t have to be as hard, but it’s definitely rewarding.
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Favorite New Experience: Feeding a Giraffe
Giraffes are the tallest mammals in the world, and no two giraffes have the same spot pattern! I recently learned that they also have rough tongues.
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Location: San Diego Zoo
What are your 2016 favorites? Share with #itsmytimeto
Keep on trying new things and may your lists of favorites grow!
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