Every year, my high school girlfriends and I do a “favorite things” gift exchange. Here’s how it works: each person buys 3 of the same item (their “favorite thing”). Then at the party, we give those items and get 3 other people’s favorite things! Last year we all wanted everything! It’s so fun to learn about new things and get glowing recommendations from people you trust. This year, my friends and I are spread out in different states, so we may not be able to do our annual party. But I will share with you 3 of my favorite things. (It’s always hard to just choose one item anyway!)


Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Jo Jo’s: RUN, don’t walk to your nearest TJ’s to pick up a box (or 4) of these holiday-only cult item cookies. I literally look forward to this time of year specifically so that I can finally buy these cookies again. They are so delicious; I refuse to share them with my kids because I’m convinced they don’t enjoy them as much as I do. And I’ve been known to eat a whole box in one sitting (not recommended).




Disney Pandora Station: A couple years ago, I was doing makeup for a wedding and they put on the Disney station while the girls were getting ready. I was psyched for two reasons: 1) I LOVE singing, especially when I know every word to the songs, and 2) the music is CLEAN! Every time I go to work I run the risk that the people I am working for will play vulgar or unclean music, and the Disney channel was such a pleasant surprise. Bonus: my 3 boys love it!


I recently discovered this makeup brush from E.L.F., and I’m obsessed! It’s the perfect size and shape to use in the eyelid crease with a dark color to contour. And it’s ONE DOLLAR. I may have bought five of them. (It can be found at Target! Can Target be one of my favorite things too?)


What are some of your favorite things?


Post by Courtney Rogers, Blossom’s Beauty Expert






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