This year has been one crazy ride with changes galore.  The biggest change was moving to Pittsburgh.  We decided that for the first time we would spend Christmas completely by ourselves.  It was both an exciting and somewhat sad prospect.  A lot of our favorite things about Christmas center around family.  So not only do we not have family around us, but we are also short on time and resources.  I had to really think about what I absolutely had to have this more minimalistic Christmas.  So here are a few of my favorite things that I realized I just had to have!

Sting’s If on a Winter’s Night

I don’t know about you, but my family has a strict no Christmas music until Thanksgiving night policy.  This beautiful, haunting album always tempts me to break that rule.  I wait all year long to listen to and watch this gorgeous live concert.  Sting’s artistry is unsurpassed by few and this slightly more melancholy  Christmas album always leaves me thoughtful.  Sting conveyed that his intention was to make an album that was sensitive to those that are possibly alone and suffering during the Christmas season.  I enjoy the album’s celtic roots with hints of jazz and other international sounds. 


Here is what you need to do with this one.  Whip up an assortment of appetizers, treats, and sparkling cider and settle in with your fuzzy socks and furry blankets.  Did I mention that this is a 1970’s musical adaptation of A Christmas Carol?  I find myself raucously singing the songs throughout the year as well as quoting the wittier lines in everyday conversation.  My husband really enjoys my English accent;)  If you’re thinking of skipping it because it’s a musical, think again and do it for Obi Wan Kanobi.  He wasn’t only a ghost in Star Wars my friends.  You can find it on youtube-

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 12.17.05 PM

Starbucks Hot Chocolate

Once upon a time we discovered the elixir of life.  It was hiding in our parent’s pantry in a nice, shiny canister.  We couldn’t understand why no one was drinking it, so we helped everyone out and devoured the whole canister before it could go bad… hot chocolate goes bad right?  It is the richest, most delicious dark hot chocolate.  You can get the large canisters at Costco, and it is so worth it I promise.


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