I wasn’t a pumpkin fan growing up, but something awoke within me a few years ago and now I cannot wait for pumpkin season every year! In celebration, I’m sharing two of my all-time favorite pumpkin recipes for when you feel like a little fall baking.

My very favorite way to eat pumpkin is the classic pumpkin chocolate chip cookie, and food blogger Lizzy Early’s cake-mix cookie recipe is my absolute favorite! I’ve never done the cream cheese filling (mostly because I’m too impatient and just want these babies done as fast as possible) but I’m sure it’s amazing either way.

When I’m trying to detox from too many cookies, I opt for these healthy pumpkin energy bites! This makes a pretty big batch (24 big pumpkin balls) but you can keep them in the fridge or freezer for a while!

Next up on my pumpkin list are these protein pancakes by on @nessa.jane’s instagram! Are you drooling yet?!

What are your favorite fall recipes? I would love to try them out, leave them in the comments!

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