Guys! It’s fall! Leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping, and stores are filled with candy and Halloween costumes for you and your dog! If you’re in AZ like I am, you’re not seeing much of a difference temperature or foiliage-wise. BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t dive into fall trends. Fall trends are my favorite of the seasonal trends! Hats! Jackets! Scarves! Oh my! Not to mention the navy blues and burgundies and plums! All the exclamation points for fall!! Now that I got that out of my system, let’s talk fall makeup. We all know we can wear whatever we want all year long, color palettes to the wind! We are our own bosses! But sometimes it’s fun to go darker and more moody alongside the falling leaves. If you’re like me, it’s winter in your heart all year long, but even a dark hearted girl likes her trends. Here are some fun ways to change up your look this fall.

Wear a shimmery, raspberry colored blush.

My favorite shade of blush this season is NARS blush in Blissful. Its a deep, shimmery, beautiful raspberry shade. I’ve also been wearing it on my eyelids too. It gives great color too the cheeks, and when used on eyelids gives the perfect red-rimmed look (kinda like you’ve been crying, but chicer). It’s great for making green or hazel eyes stand out, but this color is flattering on everyone.

Try beet lips.

Remember ham face? Now we’ve got beet lips. Why do so many of my makeup looks have food themes? When doing darker shades on my lips, I like the drama that a matte shade delivers, but metallic lipsticks are in right now, so you could do a shimmery beet-colored lip if matte colors aren’t your thing. Bold lips are hard to get used to and they take some practice, but they’re a simple way to kick your look up a notch. One of my favorite looks is just putting on tinted moisturizer, a bunch of mascara, and a dark, bold lip. Maybelline has an awesome line of bold lipsticks called the Loaded Bolds, and all of the colors are affordable and beautiful. Wow, I said “bold” a lot of times in this paragraph.

Sweep some powder blue eyshadow on your lids.

I know this trend sounds like it’s straight out of the 70’s, but believe it or not, powder blue eyeshadow is all over the current fall runways. And it actually looks really good! People have been wearing matte and shimmery versions of this  color, and it looks good both ways. The matte version is good for more of a strong statement, as the color stands out much more, but a shimmery light blue shade would look great swept across the lids too. I tried this look a few days back and I used a matte shade on my lid but swept a shimmery shade in my crease, so I kinda did a combo of the two. I was surprised at how much I liked the pop of bright blue. I wore these eyes in combination with my raspberry blush and a mauve glossy lip. My face was v on trend.

Add some metallic accents on eyes and lips.

This is another trend that can be simply done, just by adding a touch of gold, silver, or bronze on the inner corner of your eyes or on your cupid’s bow. If you want to get a little more complex with it you can do metallic winged liner. It’s also a fierce look to just add some metallic pigment to clear lip gloss and rock a bold gold lip. Sometimes I tap a little silver on the center of my eyelid too. This trend is really fun because there are so many different ways to wear it! I tried it out the other day by adding a bit of gold to the inner corner of my eye. I got gold flecks everywhere! Also, it didn’t show up super well in pictures so I was kinda bummed out about it. It’s gonna take me a bit of practice to get it right.

Gloss it up!

Glossy eye lids are all the rage right now, but I’ve found that they’re not super practical. They’re fun to wear for a photo shoot, but anything beyond that and things get… sticky. On the runways, makeup artists are using actual lipgloss as eyeshadow, and it is a LOOK for sure, but it’s probably not the best for a day at school. I’ve found that wearing a balm on your eyelids can give a similar affect without the stickiness, but you’ll still have a creasing issue if you add the balm on top of any other shadow or liner. I do wear glossy lids on occasion by adding some Smith’s rose balm to my bare lids. I LOVE this look, I just wish it was a little more long-wearing.

Happy fall, y’all! Have fun exploring the wide world of makeup trends!

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