In the story of Jesus calming the storm, Jesus was in the same boat with his disciples, in the same raging storm, and in serious danger of sinking; yet the Savior’s disciples were panicking in fear for their life and He was able to sleep. Once awake, He calmed the sea. But the peace and calm he brought was not for Him, he wasn’t afraid, He did it for them. In life, many circumstance can be a raging storm for one and easy sailing for another. We can pray to see the storms of those around us and to know how to help them, and Heavenly Father will show us what we can do.

For example several years ago, I had a prompting that I had to go to the temple right then. I tried to dismiss it because I had just been to the temple the day before, but it was a persistent prompting, so I quickly got dressed and go myself to the temple. I had nice but uneventful time. After I had changed and was heading out the door to leave, one of my good friends walked in, puffy eyed and distressed. Overnight, her dreams and future had capsized when her fiancé called off their wedding with no explanation and with only a few weeks from the big day. The storm in her heart and soul was raging. I was able to be a tiny source of peace, as I just sat with her in the temple. Over the next year, as she worked through her broken heart I developed a sort of a sixth sense for this friend. At random times of the day and night she would pop in my head and I would send her small encouraging text. She would always ask, “How did you know?” They always came right when she needed them. I know that those small reminders of her came from God because he knew the storms in her heart.

Other times God can show us more dramatic ways to help. Just last week, my new neighbors moved in while their home was still in mid-construction. I had a dream on Monday that on Thursday night my visiting teaching companion and I needed to bring them a giant hot pan of enchiladas, Spanish rice, and salsa for dinner. So when I woke up, I text the family and my companion, and on Thursday night our new neighbors had a hot Mexican meal. When my companion and I brought the meal in, we learned the mom was out of town for the weekend, the dad was still at work, and their kitchen had no functional kitchen counters or sink. Our hot meal was able to give a warm feeling of home and love in the day’s turbulence and rocky sea of settling into a new place.

Let us also be thankful to the angels that God sends to help calm the storms in our own lives. My apartment does not have a washer and dryer, minus that it is perfect, but I am required to do my laundry elsewhere. A few weeks ago, you could say my theme song was Master the Tempest is Raging, and I was in a really hard place and stressed with the duties of wife, mom, breadwinner, and homemaker. Then out of the blue, my sister called me up. She asked if I wanted to come over to do my laundry. That afternoon, I got clean laundry, a fresh lunch, and an encouraging life pep talk, and she sent me on my way with a new breeze in my sails. For my sister, I am sure it was nothing but for me it made all the difference.

If we pray for eyes to see and are willing to put others before ourselves we will be able to help calm others storms, that our often invisible to us. We can be the relief they need when they feel their boat is sinking. And I encourage you, that when someone is the calm for you to let them know- send them a thank you text, drop them a small note in the mail, or give them a call. Be generous with your time, a smile, or a dinner. You never know what storms others are weathering.

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