Last month, I posted about my struggles with social media and my desire to change my habits and feelings towards Instagram. I have good news: I think that I have successfully begun to find a balance in my life. I really didn’t change all that much, but the changes I did make have made a big difference in my life. Here’s what I did.

1. I unfollowed a bunch of people and brands that I wasn’t really interested or invested in. Now, I really only follow people I know, and then maybe 3 “Instagram famous” brands and blogs. Since doing this, my feed is much smaller, so when I do get on Instagram, I spend way less time scrolling and scrolling.

2. I prioritized when I could look at Instagram. Last month, I also talked about making sure I put my scripture reading and language practice before social media, and holy cow, that made a huge difference. By the time I finish reading my scriptures and practicing my languages, I want to be away from my phone, so I don’t usually hop right onto Instagram.

3. I decided to not worry so much about what I was missing, both on social media, and in general on my phone. My husband and I went on a date, and we both forgot our phones at home. What a difference it made in our time together. We weren’t ever interrupted by phones buzzing, or even just by the random google searches we tend to make together. It was lovely.

I know that not everyone struggles with their feelings about social media, but I would advise you to try and be more aware of your surroundings and the life that’s going on right around you. Who cares if that girl you know from your one class together is in Europe? What are you doing? Are you present in your own life? Are you making connections with the people who are sitting right next to you? Are you being kind and respectful to members of your family? Let me tell you you will never regret putting down your phone- even if that means that you miss that perfect “candid” shot (which, I’m beginning to believe isn’t even real for most of the Instagram world).

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