Several years ago, during a really hard and dark time in my life, I was struggling immensely with depression and anxiety. The days were long, and I felt like joy was far away. I wondered if God even wanted me to be happy ever again. I was caught in a comparison trap. Have you ever done that? Everyone seemed to be excelling in school, getting married, sending out pregnancy announcements, getting promotions in their jobs, and simply soaking up joy in their everyday life.

I honestly started to wonder if God had forgotten about me. Not until I stumbled upon a this Mormon Message, did I realize that it was I that had forgotten:

I had forgotten to look for God’s hand in my life.
I had forgotten His endless compassionate love for me.
I had forgotten that every single day I had been given was a reason in itself to celebrate.
I had forgotten to focus on the good things instead of focusing on my own inner world.
I had forgotten to see that God had been there all along.
Every good thing comes from our Heavenly Father, and because He created every single day for us, that means there IS GOOD to be found in every single day!!
I started my morning prayers, praying to be aware of the “love notes” God was sending me daily.
Then every day I would watch for them, and sure enough, those “love notes” had been there all along.  Every single night I would write in my “Good Things” journal (aka my gratitude journal) three good things from that day, and sure enough, my perspective about my life did a complete 180-degree turn.
It wasn’t that the circumstances of my life changed immediately; it was that my thoughts and beliefs changed resulting in more faith and immense joy. I was shocked by how much I had been missing. I learned that gratitude is one of the most incredible ways to fight mental illness and to help me receive revelation.
It is because of Christ that every good thing comes. // Moroni 7:22
Here is a fun song for you to remind you how wonderful our Father in Heaven really is:

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