My favorite part about Easter and Christmas is the special music that accompanies them.  I love that everyone sings a little louder and with a little more heart when we sing about our Savior Jesus Christ. Here are some beautiful songs that center on the Savior that you may want to check out.

He Lives: This song is gorgeous and I find myself singing it all the time! The only catch is, you’ll have to come see the Mesa Arizona Easter Pageant to hear it in its entirety, along with many more beautiful songs!

He is Risen: I love this music video that the church put out! It combines some of the Bible videos with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing.

How Great Thou Art: I love this version performed by The Millenial Choirs and Orchestras. I saw them perform this live in Mesa a couple years ago and I was awestruck. This video will educate you about MCO and allow you to hear a sample of this beautiful arrangement. You may hear my favorite portion of the song by previewing it on iTunes.

Jesu! The Very Thought is Sweet!: This is sung by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and is one of my favorite songs period. I love the beautiful artwork and lyrics that accompany this video.

Happy Easter!
By Cecily Jorgensen


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