There have been so many times that I wander through the cosmetics aisle at Target and come to a stop at the ELF products. Perhaps it’s the extreme frugality of the products, or maybe it’s the sleek packaging and bright colors, but I want to try something new each time! Here’s a round up of the best of this cheap but innovative brand.


blush palette// four colors that will take you from summer to winter and everywhere in between.

lip stain// I LOVE this stain. I use it under gloss and it helps it stay way longer and still gives me a hint of color long after the gloss has faded.

facial whip// I recommend this to all my clients who are wanting a cheek highlight. It’s perfect for the top of the cheekbones and at $1, it can’t be beat.

primer// moisturizes and makes foundation go on silky smooth. What more can you ask for?

highlighter// a dupe for this (much) more expensive product. It also works great as a cheekbone highlight or even under your brow bone or the center of your lips.

soothing lip balm// a great alternative to chapstick; this balm is infused with shea butter that will be your lip saver this winter.

lip exfoliator// my sister got me this, and I’m obsessed. it smells and tastes like vanilla and cookies and all things wonderful (not that I tasted it or anything…); plus it smooths away all the dead skin on my lips.

glossy gloss// the perfect size to throw in a clutch and comes in fun bright shades.

mattifying powder// doesn’t add much color or coverage but smooths away oil and shine in a jif. Perfect for a touch-up powder throughout the day.

lash primer// works as well or better than any other lash primer I’ve tried. Allow it to dry completely before adding your black mascara on top. For extra ooph, do two coats of primer!

What is your favorite ELF product?


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