Many people, including myself, have ups and downs throughout life: times when they feel especially productive and times when they feel like they aren’t making much of a difference. These low periods may come during finals week, the summertime when you don’t have much going on, a rough pregnancy, you name it!

Whenever I am on a high period in my life, I gently remind myself to take it easy, and not to overwork myself. Life is much like a pendulum: the higher the highs, the lower the lows. When I start to come off of my high horse, I remember that I will always get back up.

So how do we stay hopeful through this rollercoaster called life? Christ reminded us to “draw near unto [him, and he will] draw near unto [us]”. I think that Christ is the epitome of a balanced, consistent life. This is why it is key to balance or own lives in such a way so that we don’t swing too high or low.

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Drawing near unto Him is what will help us stay in the middle of the pendulum. We do this in the simple things; things that we know we can do when we are “up” and when we are “down”. These things include daily scripture study (or even just a verse), prayer, eating healthy, exercising, and so forth.

During my last pregnancy, I have been struggling with a pelvic dysfunction that hit hard at month four. I was suddenly unable to exercise (something I love) or do much of anything physical, really. At first, I was very depressed. I felt so limited and couldn’t even serve others in the ways I used to. That’s when my husband told me to continue to do the small things, and that’s all. So I read my scriptures every morning, said my prayers, and ate healthy meals. That’s about all I accomplished every day, and I began to wonder if I was valuable. After about two months of consistently doing these simple acts, I became happy again! I realized that I was growing in spirituality (and humility) more than ever and life was treating me well!

The simple Christ-like things we determine to do daily, through life’s curveballs are unique and will differ from person to person. I would challenge you to choose one thing you can do each day to help you stay stable even through the toughest of times!

I know this works. I have seen it work so many times in my life and I hope that you will give it a try!

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