A lot of clients ask me to change their hair color! It’s fun and sometimes gives us the change we are needing! Sometimes, though, when doing a drastic change of color something can go wrong. Here are a few facts to be aware of if you are wanting a major change in your color:

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Going lighter:

1. Don’t expect to be blonde right away- it takes a lot to lift out the color that was there previously and I tell my clients (depending on how dark the color was before and how light the goal is) that it can take 2-3 appointments to get where you are wanting. Just remember it takes time! I always get asked, “How do the Hollywood stars do it? One day they have brown hair, the next they are blonde.” Keep in mind, we don’t see how long they are at the salon, and it may seem like one appointment to us, but most likely it wasn’t. Also they have the help with extensions to make color appear lighter and hair seem healthy and beautiful!
2. Most of the time your hair will pull warm tones (brassy, yellow) and will need to be toned with a toner.
3. It will cause more damage to the hair. Know the strength of your hair and don’t push it past what it can’t handle(your stylist will know if you don’t.) Just keep in mind to deep condition afterwards and be careful with your hot tools! Talk it over with your stylist how to keep your hair healthy.

Going Darker:

If you are going just a little bit darker- it’s not really a big deal. But if going a lot darker from a blonde color- here’s what you need to know.
1. Your hair will need to be filled with a filler. Blonde hair doesn’t have a lot of pigment to it and a filler adds those pigments back in. If this step is missed blonde hair tends to turn ashy, be splotchy and uneven, and dull looking.
2. Even if you are not wanting a warm color- warm tones must be used. Like I said blonde hair will automatically be ashy looking so when you use a warm tone- it cancels that out and leaves you with a nice rich color.
3. Make sure this is something you really want to do- it’s a hard road back to being the blonde you were before! Like I said above- you can’t get back to being a blonde in just one appointment.
There are so many more details that all hairstylists should know when making drastic color changes. But for you, as the client, it is good to know just a few things to watch out for and make sure you have a good consultation with your stylist to ensure they are comfortable with change and know how to get you there! The facts I listed above should be talked about in your consult- and if your stylist knows what they are doing- they will be the one to bring it up! Consultations are super important for both the stylist and the client!! Also, don’t be afraid to try a drastic color change either! Just make sure you and your stylist are on the same page on how to get you there!
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Hi! I’m Kori Thompson. Lover of all things beauty, mom of 2 handsome little boys, wife to Tyler, and a Mormon. I work at habit salon one day a week and work as a mom the other 6 days. I serve in the young women presidency and absolutely love serving with the girls and being around their amazing testimonies and spirits. A lot of my life I have struggled with insecurities especially when it comes to my looks. With the help of my husband and the love of our Heavenly Father I have been able to see the true meaning of being beautiful even though I have thrust myself into a world that cares only of outer beauty. I have come to find who I am on the inside is the most important and enjoying who I am on the outside is a fun way to express the girl on the inside! I love helping girls see their worth and feel it’s one of the most important parts of a testimony- realizing that we are daughters of God. Once we find that out and truly feel of our worth and His love we become the daughters He intended us to be. Thanks for reading and I’m so glad to be a part of this blog and share my thoughts!
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