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After General Conference, what do you do with all of those great notes? Here’s an idea: make inspirational picture quotes! The LDS Media Library has posted a variety of pictures that you can use as a backdrop for one of your favorite conference quotes. The image collection includes temples, nature, prophets, people, and a variety of other places and things. The content is free for personal use which includes Instagram, Facebook, or a great printout to frame. If you need some ideas of apps to write text over your photos, here are a few: WordSwag (popular and easy), Canva (templated and stylistic), PicMonkey (for the Photoshop lovers), InstaQuote (create emphasis on words), and Phonto (simple and neat). There are so many more apps out there for making picture quotes. Find an app that suits your style and share the good word (or inspirational words)! It’s a great opportunity to uplift others and share the gospel. As Elder Oaks said in last conference “Sharing the gospel is not a burden but a joy.” I agree, it’s a joy, especially when art is involved!

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