When I was a little girl, from the time I could write, my mom always made me do thank-you notes to anyone who gave me a gift. Each birthday and Christmas, I remember sitting at the counter the very next day and listing the gifts I received and who gave them to me. After so many years of dreading this ritual, I began to realize that my mom was teaching me gratitude and how to express it!

I am now 33 years old, and I love writing and receiving thank-you notes. In fact, when I receive a hand-written thank-you note from someone, my respect for that person grows exponentially! I love a good thank-you card!

I have been thinking a lot lately about gratitude and how I’m most thankful for the things that Heavenly Father has given me: my family, my body, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, my faith, temple ordinances, and so much more. Since those are the things I’m the most grateful for, I’ve often wondered if Heavenly Father really knows how thankful I am. I wonder if I’m showing Him everyday how much I really do appreciate these things in my life. I wish I could write one of my thank-you notes, put it in a beautiful envelope, seal it with love, address it to 123 Kolob Way, and send it off to Him! I imagine Him opening it with a big smile on His face, as He would feel appreciated and loved.

Since that is the most far-fetched idea I day-dreamed up, I know there is a much better way to show my Heavenly Father gratitude for my blessings. Here are a couple ways:

1. Use each gift He has given you

If you are grateful for a gift, you should use it and enjoy it. An example is your body! Use the beautiful body He gave you. It was given as a gift to house your spirit, and you should use it to serve others. I show gratitude for my body when I keep it healthy and use it to serve my family and my community!

Another example is the temple and the ordinances performed in it. Just as if He was opening my thank-you note with a big smile on His face, I know He is so pleased when I go to His house and perform ordinances.

2. Tell Him

Although I know the address to Heaven isn’t 123 Kolob Way, I know how to get a message up there way faster: PRAYER! Praying to our Heavenly Father and sincerely expressing our gratitude to Him, pleases Him. I also know that as you send your prayers of thanks up to heaven, you can feel of His spirit through the Holy Ghost, through scripture study, and in other ways. We are and can be directly connected to Him at all times!

I invite you this Thanksgiving season to show our Father in Heaven how grateful you are for the blessings He sends!

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