I’ve had naturally curly hair my whole life. In junior high (pre-flat iron days) I used to run a curling iron through from my hair root to ends to try and straighten it. It wasn’t a pretty picture. Ever since those endless hours spent trying to iron out the curls, I have had a love/hate relationship with my hair. Before I had my kids, my hair was super curly, and now it’s just plain confused. The bottom is ringlets, the top is frizzy waves, and the ends just can’t decide.


The key to curly hair is to start with extremely wet hair. I brush it right when I get out of the shower and then flip my head over and scrunch the strands with a towel just to get out the dripping water. Then I start putting the product in my hair using the same scrunching motions. After I put the product in my hair, I let it air dry about 50%. Once it air dries a bit, I diffuse my hair on low heat/air until it’s almost completely dry. Voila! Touchable (and voluminous) curls. I’m still trying to accept how large my hair gets when it’s curly.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 2.41.56 PM

Every time I meet someone with curly hair I always pick their brain: “What products do you use?” “Do you air-dry or diffuse?” I have learned some good curly-hair tips this way, and here’s some of my favorites:

Use a non-foaming shampoo (sulfate free at least!).

Diffuse in all directions (not just up and down).

Put a little serum (i.e. Moroccan Oil) into your curl cream.

Use Surf Spray.

Everyone has a different way of doing their curls, but this sentiment is always unanimous: DO NOT touch your hair after you’re done putting product in it.


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