I’ve come to realize that a change really does start with just one person.

Can I tell you something I have been dying to change? I want to change people comparing themselves to EVERYONE via social media. You know why I want to change this? It’s because it honestly pains me seeing people swoop down into anxiety and depression or develop insecurity issues because they don’t have what somebody else does or they don’t look like somebody else. It genuinely makes me sick to my stomach. I hate that for many, loving themselves has become an almost impossible task. Massive shout-out to all of you sweet people fighting to love every part of yourself, in a world that is constantly telling you that you aren’t enough. Truth is, YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are so enough—so enough it’s insane. It’s absolutely insane how enough you are.

Lately I have talked to so many people. Young, and older, girls AND BOYS and asked them what their biggest struggle with social media is, and these were the answers:

  • People post such beautiful pictures making their lives seem so perfect, and then I look at my feed and my life, and feel like a failure.
  • People only post their “highlight reel,” never their “behind the scenes,” making my life look like an utter mess. ALSO making me feel like I’m the only one truly going through a hard time.
  • People aren’t very real on SM.

These were the most popular responses. Doesn’t that make your heart hurt, knowing that these are daily struggles of so MANY people?

So here are some thoughts from the mind of ME,


Here are the things…Post the pretty pictures all you want IF you enjoy that, I do too! Taking pretty pictures can be a real art outlet for many, and that is great! But let’s find a balance of being real and vulnerable and posting the exciting events as well as the rocky and real events in our lives, yeah? Yeah. That’s all I’m asking for internet world is balance…THAT IS IT. Oh, and kindness—that’s a big need. We are honestly all here to walk each other home, so lets be kind and supportive!




For a VERY long time in my life, I fell into the trap of comparing myself and my life to everyone and their dog. Seriously. I couldn’t go on social media, or heck, even to school without getting SO down on myself. Wishing my feed looked as esthetic as hers or wishing I was going on that cool awesome vacation or wishing my hair was that long and beautiful or wishing I had a cute relationship like that couple…blah blah blah. It was SO PATHETIC. Seriously you guys, it was ridiculous. I hit a point in my life where I truly said, I AM DONE WITH THIS. It was getting extremely unhealthy. I found myself unfollowing many people that I found myself comparing myself to, and wow that felt good. To be honest, some were even people I knew pretty well. Unfollowing them didn’t mean I didn’t like them or love them any less, it just meant I was taking care of myself, and THAT IS HUGE. Muting people on Instagram is also a huge help. That way you can still stay in contact, but their feed doesn’t have to disrupt your self-love. I started making little steps in my life, like making goals and doing everything I can to achieve them. I started telling myself everyday that I was beautiful and successful in my own way. You guys, doing all this made me SO much happier. I started to see that MY life WAS beautiful, because it was MINE, and I was making the most of it.


Here’s the thing. I REFUSE to let an app on my phone, from here on out, tell me how my life should look or be.



I love to preach the phrase,


Seriously to everyone I know. I find much power, strength, and beauty in that phrase. That is a phrase I will preach and drill into my babies one day. I truly believe it is one of the most important things we could ever do in our lives.

Quick piece of advice: Have you ever thought of talking to yourself, the way you talk to others about themselves? I started doing this, and WOW it made such a difference.It’s so ridiculous how well we treat others but yet treat ourselves so badly.

I’m a very spiritual person, and I know that my God, OUR GOD, made no mistakes on any of us. I know that we can find our true worth through Him. My worth comes from knowing that I am wonderfully made by Him.

So lets do this…

Lets give a HUGE PEACE OUT TO:

  • comparison
  • perfection
  • body shaming
  • impossible beauty standards
  • the haters
  • the trolls
  • “thinspiration”
  • retouching and marketing messages that target our deepest insecurities


Throw your hands up in the air if your tired of feeling not enough, because this needs to end. Lets change the world together, okay? Okay bye.



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