Eleanor Roosevelt said that “comparison is the thief of joy” and you can find a million pins and printouts with this saying. I believe Eleanor, and I have thought a lot about the concept; but I am visual learner and sometimes it’s hard to see when I do this in my own life. So to illustrate the point let’s talk about pie.

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Think back to Thanksgiving where your Aunt Bonnie makes her famous cherry pie. When she walks in you start eyeing your cousins because you know there is only one pie and you want your fair share. You see the pie is cut twelve ways and there are more than a dozen people anticipating a slice of pie. When you get your slice, instead of just enjoying your pie, you can’t help but look around to make sure no one else got more than you.

Likewise, we tend to see things like popularity, talents, beauty, etc set at a limited amount, like a pie.  Like in high school, there is only one popularity pie, and it has already been divided so many ways. And you’re worried because you know Jessica and Brooke or whoever already took a heaping portion and everyone already loves them and wants to be their friends. You’re convinced that the popular pie only has crumbs left for you, too bad.

Or you really want to try out for the choir as a soprano but there are already eight girls who sing soprano really well, so you might as well not even audition because all the soprano pie slices have already been taken.

We start obsessing over what slices everyone else has and compare to the pie on our own plate. Audrey has a slices of popularity, varsity track team, student council, and the honor roll and all  you have is clarinet. (Often we are blind to all the pie we really have on our plate)

Good news- the Lord is the Pie Maker. And he has limitless amounts of pie. In fact, He has one coming out of the oven right now, with your name on it. The Lord does not set limits on what talents, skills, and potential we can achieve. We are the ones that put limits on ourselves and if we are too busy looking around at what slices of pie are on other people’s plates and compare it to what is on our own plate this can leads us to be very unhappy.

In the Parable of the Talents, we learn that the Lord does give out talents or pie slices to his servants. And if they work hard and put effort into it, the Lord doubles the servants effort.  Likewise if we work at improving our own skills, and talents and focus on what we can change and improve on, the Pie Maker will reward us for our efforts. Mmmm…pie.

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