I have a confession.  I’m getting really into “tech” lately.  You can blame my computer- programming husband for that.  He pours over all these tech blogs and tells me about all the newest services, softwares, and products that are making those old sci-fi movies seem a little more real.  Don’t tell him, but I actually can’t wait each day for him to update me, and I get really excited when we talk about his own project ideas.  I can’t believe what an amazing field computer science is, and all the incredible companies there are to work for.  Just check out Facebook, Google, or Apple headquarters and tell me you don’t want to work there!  Computer science is also one of the fastest growing industries with excellent pay.

But for some reason, 80% of graduating computer engineers are men.  So for all you ladies out there who still don’t know what you want to do with your life, look no further.  Maybe computer programming is for you, or some other high-tech job.  You will definitely stand out if you enter this field, and there is a huge need for our feminine touch.  It may seem too hard or mundane, but trust me, I’ve watched my husband go through a computer science degree and if you are smart AND creative, this career can be highly rewarding.  I’ve got five girls here to try to persuade you that this job can be accessible to ANY girl out there and isn’t a man’s job anymore.  Let’s open up our minds to new possibilities, let’s change the world!

By Cecily

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