My cousin and I were discussing the struggles, temptations, and challenges that the youth are facing today. We started mentioning families we knew who were particularly inspiring because they seemed to be living gospel principles. They had good,  honest, hard-working, talented, focused, and faithful children. So why did these particular families stand out? They weren’t exempt from life’s challenges and yet they remained faithful and happy.

One of these mothers shared that one of the biggest contributors to having the spirit constantly in their home was that each member of the family, including the youngest ones,  made time each day for personal scripture study. I immediately thought, well that’s not rocket science! I can do that!



I shared these experiences with my kids and they each committed to read a little each day. I explained to them that if they only heard my interpretation of the scripture stories or my testimony of Christ, it would be like me telling them about this incredible movie I had seen and what I had learned. However, it would be robbing them of their experience to see the movie themselves, to learn and understand things that I might have missed.

Although we’ve always had family scripture study, we’re working on starting the new habit of reading our scriptures individually every day. We can all feel the difference in our home when everyone has read. When the holiday season stresses start to weigh me down I know that the word and power of God can lift me up again. We don’t have to wait until the new year to recommit ourselves to studying and pondering the words of Christ!

Elder L. Tom Perry reminded us, “Pursuing the things of the world can sometimes give us momentary pleasures but not lasting joy and happiness. When we seek after the things of the Spirit, the rewards are eternal and will bring us the satisfaction we seek through this mortal experience.” (General Conference October 2005).

Post by Melodi Melecio

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