I consider myself a chocolate chip cookie aficionado. I’ve been baking and delivering cookies to my friends for years. Consequently, I have a much higher standard than the average cookie consumer. I’ll say the batch of cookies I made wasn’t my best, and my friends will say they’re amazing (sorry to toot my own horn). The greatest way to improve upon chocolate chip cookies, though, is to not have to make them and clean up the mess. Luckily, smart people have begun to make companies that deliver fresh and warm cookies right to your door. So when Kessa, of Dashboard Cookies, reached out, I was more than happy to lend my expertise on their take of the semi-sweet chocolate chip cookie.

It so happened that we were able to celebrate my husband’s birthday perfectly with the delivery of the cookies. Just an hour after he got home from work, cookies showed up at our door to show him our love. We were able to share the cookies as a family, and let me tell you, Baby George was in heaven having a big ‘ole cookie to himself.

The reason I love chocolate chip cookies so much is because I feel like they’re the epitome of homemade love. I can instantly tell the difference between mass manufactured cookies and homemade cookies, and the beauty of Dashboard cookies is that they have that homemade love taste.

When you have that chocolate chip cookie craving, I highly suggest looking up Dashboard Cookies. They can be found on all social media platforms, and you can order at their website, here. Go give them a like and a follow, and if you live in Arizona, check their delivery zones and then send in your order! Even better, surprise your ministering sisters with fresh warm cookies at their door! What better way to show them you love them? Thank you, Dashboard Cookies, for the great celebration!

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